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And then watch how you can say “thank you” to those that serve us.

Juniper Tree Retreat is for individuals who dedicate their lives to serving others, such as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, firefighters, law enforcement officers, active military, veterans, and caregivers.

Juniper Tree Retreat cabins, trails, amenities, and facilities will be available at no cost to those individuals who serve. Juniper Tree staff and donors are here to give back to those who serve others.

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The Juniper Tree Retreat development will begin in 2020. Reservation and meeting schedules will be provided as soon as the facilities are available.

Your help and donations will make this possible and will be appreciated by those that serve you.

Please listen to testimonials
from the people who serve others.

The Juniper Tree Retreat management is honored in what is being said about this project. Please read the testimonials below and see why we want to provide these facilities for those that serve us.


“I know that when this wonderful vision is available to all Pastors, Chaplains, and ministry workers it will be of great benefit to them. It will be very helpful in seeking direction or answers in their calling, to have a place to hear… that still small voice. Sometimes we get so busy and involved in our ministry, that we just need a place to rest from our previous work… or to prepare for our next journey of serving God.”

Fire Chief-

“When we first heard about the Juniper Tree Retreat we were excited and have been waiting for it to be made available. There has been for years and even more so lately, such a need for this type of “get a way” for our personnel to use and replenish …or just to have a day of rest from the dedicated struggles of their service. I believe this will also benefit a firefighter’s family in many ways… I guess maybe the wait was worth it.”

Senior Center Director-

“I have thought of so many opportunities for our seniors since I first heard about the Juniper Tree. Special meetings and events, an occasional ice cream freeze in the country setting, Staff training sessions and seniors meeting other seniors from other cities… so many opportunities and befits for our seniors at the Serenity Gathering Center, as well as needed benefits for our staff and workers.”

EMS Officer-

“Such a wonderful idea for the businesses and citizens of Northwest Arkansas to help make this Retreat available to the first responders… and others that serves. Is it needed… oh yes very much! The stress levels, the circumstances, the things that our EMS personnel experience can sometimes be overbearing, and a Juniper Tree time out would be very beneficial.”

Veteran Activities Director-

“It would be impossible to share at one time, all of the many programs, opportunities and benefits that this Retreat and gathering center would mean to our military and veterans. Training programs, confidence building seminars, and welcome home or even going away events are just a few. One idea shared with us, is a day meeting of veterans from different cities going to the Juniper Tree just to meet, sit and visit with other veterans that they might never have met without this program. Thank you Juniper Tree developers and donors, you are so kind.”

Caregiver Manager-

“To be with, to take care of, to be a part of someone’s life and then to lose them… is very hard on any caregiver. To have a place such as the Serenity Center to have recovery session meetings or to have training days for caregivers is also tremendously needed. In addition, spending a day or two in the cabins at the Juniper Tree, refocusing and finding peace …would be such a blessing to caregivers.”

Law Enforcement Captain-

“Needed – yes… will it be used- yes… will it be appreciated, absolutely. All Law enforcement management and personnel could benefit from the Juniper Tree. We all need guidelines, training, supervision and backups to do our job…but occasionally we also need to have a place with no sirens, no emergencies or problems and be able to just rest and relax without worrying about what is happening around us or around the next curve. A day or two at the Juniper Tree…as I said… would be greatly appreciated.”

Retired Military/Veteran and Police Chaplain-

“To know that the citizens and businesses would think enough about us to donate and make this available is humbling. In a world filled with so many negative actions against those that serve, it is so refreshing to be appreciated.”

The Serenity Gathering Center will be nestled in a valley of peace and quiet, and surrounded by the beauty of nature for your board meetings and small gatherings.

Contact us for detailed information at or call 479.422.4030

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Juniper Tree will always provide a place for those seeking spiritual time and rest with God regardless of religious belief or affiliation. Juniper Tree will also provide a place of rest for veterans, military, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders and all of those that serve others.

Juniper Tree relies on donations and the support of the community to provide its facilities for free to those who serve others. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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