About Juniper Tree Retreat

Eighteen years ago after studying in 1st Kings 19, our founder felt called to provide a place for Pastors and Chaplains to use in order to seek direction and rest from their service. After many years of uncertainty, mistakes and going in wrong directions but not losing faith in the calling, as many nonprofit visionaries do… the Juniper Tree Retreat is now becoming a reality. In addition to the initial vision, the retreat will now be available to those individuals that serve, protect and assist the citizens and businesses of Northwest Arkansas; Pastors, chaplains, law enforcement personnel, firefighters & first responders, active military, veterans, and caregivers who dedicate their lives to serving others. Juniper Tree cabins, trails, amenities, and facilities will be available at no cost to those who serve, protect and assist. At Juniper Tree Retreat, our mission is to provide a place of tranquility where they can rest, replenish and relax from the everyday stresses and constant giving of self.

Juniper Tree staff and donors are dedicated to giving back to those who serve all of us.

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